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Hannah Ricks

Hannah is an artist, creator, believer, and soon to be wife to her high school sweetheart. She loves expressing herself and her view of the world through watercolor and acrylic abstract paintings and prints. She is passionate about striped t shirts, eating dessert, making cozy home spaces, picking up litter, and the power of education. She is a competitive board game player, hard core crafter, and excellent mac and cheese stirrer. She lives for giggling with her fiancé, the golden rays or sun in the late afternoon, and a a good couch for snuggling and talking. She has big dreams for herself, her family, and this world. She has so many thoughts inspirations, dreams, and questions that run through her mind yeah day that she wanted to create a space where she could let those thoughts breathe and run wild. She uses them to create intentions for the week and keep God on the forefront of her mind as she interacts with the world.

Elle Merritt

Elle is writer, graphic designer, photographer, certified yoga instructor, & lover of avocados. Elle’s dream would be to travel the world with her favorite guy besides her while writing, photographing, and teaching the importance of yoga and movement. Elle loves the mountains, hiking, and pretty much anything outdoors. She is the creator of Elle Hope Design, a media company whose goal is to create marketing materials, increase social media engagement, and brand based photography. Elle’s primary focus of intentionality is to love others well. She acknowledges the love that Jesus has for us & tries to reflect that.

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